Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pastel DM's

So I've made it through my first week of working, and woohoo, it hasn't killed me. So like any normal human being I am planning what to spend my first pay check on, and right now these pastel Dr Martens are out there in front. I really want the mint green ones but can't seem to find anywhere where they are still in stock. So.... pink or lilac?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

No Harm in a Bit of Tom Hardy

So I know I said I wasn't allowed out for the next four months, but I couldn't resist a trip to the cinema last night to see new Tom Hardy film, Lawless. When it comes to Mr Hardy, like most  women, I can't seem to help myself!

And he doesn't disappoint, he is a commanding presence as bootlegger Forrest, and I consider him to be the highlight of a film that is good, not great. Be warned, if your going it has some very violent scenes.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Off to the Office

So I'm starting my new job on Monday, and thank God, my poor little bank account just cannot take one more weekend of fun. So whilst I won't be going out again until Christmas (!) I do need (and I do mean need) some work shoes. This will be this first time I can wear heels at work, as I've never worked in an office environment before. So... I popped down to Office and picked up these two little beauties, so I'll be looking super smart Monday morning.

I know, my poor little card has taken yet another beating, but it's for a good cause!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nana Barb

A massive congratulations to my friend John Auckland, whose first novel has just been published. He is a great guy and a super talented writer. His first novel, The Adventures of Nana Barb, has gone on sale on Amazon today. Click here to get your copy.

If you are a fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then your gonna love it. If, like me, your not actually a big Sci-Fi fan then your still gonna love it, because it makes you chuckle from start to end.

Go order your copy!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A-morir, At First Sight

God bless my good friend Michelle, she's always posting things to me on facebook that she thinks I'll like, but its started to become detrimental! i feel like my life depends on me having these A-Morir sunglasses. They are simply beautiful. Why is life so cruel that i don't have them. (i am a recovering shopoholic by the way)! Who cares if we have seen the last of the already sparse British sun?

They are a mere snip at $250, so if anyone fancies buying them for me i would much appreciate it!
The $250 roughly converts to £160, so the real question is; is it acceptable to put them on the credit card when i'm flat broke?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bye Bye Summer.... (its been fun)

So I am back and blogging in full force after my wild and wonderful summer. On my return from travelling I promised myself (although i definitely didn't deserve it), the summer off to enjoy life and my friends. And that i certainly did. But its all over now and i have to return to reality, however, i feel ready to do so and i feel that's partly to do with my killer summer! Festivals, Weddings, Carnivals and Brighton. I've had a blast and it all started with a little festival called Boomtown Fair, which, quite rightly calls itself the UK's maddest city!

Boomtown could well have been the festival that broke me, it was 4 days of just pure insanity! But aside from that, it is one of the most imaginative and well thought out festivals i've ever witnessed. Around every corner there is something to discover and explore, hanging gardens, clubs in phone boxes and hidden stages in the woods. Its an assault on the senses- in the best possible way! With music from the likes of Dub Pistols, Reel Big Fish, Alborosie. And Krafty Kuts playing possibly the best set I've ever seen them play. It was truly a festival to return to. Well any festival where the Arcadia team show up is bound to be something special. Combine that with the best British weather i think we've seen all year... what more can i say?

So August 2013, don't miss out your gonna need the year to prepare (and the year after to recover)!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm Back!

So after about a million years, I'm back and ready to comment! First and foremost, my new obsession is Wah-Nails. Not bad for a first attempt ay?!

(Models Own Nail Varnish in Lilac Dream, Models Own Nail Art Pen in White.)

Stay tuned...